Annual Accounts Services for Limited Companies

If you run your business through a limited company, then Companies House will set your year end as a year after the end of the month in which you created the company.

We’ll file all your accounts, there’s just a couple of things you’ll need to get together for us…

  • Your sales invoices or details of your sales
  • Find all the paperwork for your purchases and expenses
  • Gather your business bank statements for the year

Annual closing is a very complex subject, and for that reason, a profound knowledge of the accounting rules, regulations and standards in effect is needed.

Our team will offer you Year End Accounts services at the most competitive prices.

What we do for you:


  • We do the bookkeeping to ensure its complete and ready to go
  • We then crunch all the necessary figures
  • Turn these figures into a full set of accounts
  • Follow with a very thorough checking
  • Produce the tax return
  • Send it over to you to check and sign off
  • Submit everything to HMRC and Companies House for you

Service provided by Emilia Accountancy LTD